The Class Of Lightning Protection System

The class of lightning protection system denotes the number that corresponds to the lightning protection level of the structure to be protected. The lightning protection level and the characteristics of the structure to be protected determine the characteristics of the lightning protection system.

As per IS/IEC 62305 – 1, the class of LPS corresponding to the lightning protection level is shown below

Class Of LPS

Datas Dependent on Class of LPS:

  • Lightning parameters - the maximum and minimum values of lightning parameters depends on the class of LPS
  • Rolling sphere radius, mesh size and protection angle -each of their values depend on the class of LPS
  • The preferred distances between the down-conductors
  • Separation distance against dangerous sparking during isolation of external LPS from the structure to be protected
  • The minimum length of each earth electrode depends on class of LPS

Factors that are independent of class of LPS:

  • Lightning equipotential bonding
  • The minimum thickness of metal sheets or metal pipes in the air termination systems
  • LPS materials and conditions of use - components of LPS do not depend on class of LPS
  • The material, configuration and minimum cross-sectional area of air-termination conductors, airtermination rods, down-conductors and earth terminations
  • The Minimum dimensions of connecting bars to the earth termination system
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