Lightning Arrestors


A lightning Protection System is installed to protect a structure from potential damage due to high voltage lightning strikes. A typical Lightning Protection System includes, metal Air Terminals, Down Conductor, and an Earthing System. The air terminals are installed at the highest point of the structure to be protected to intercept the lightning current downward leader and to provide a specific and safe path via the connected down conductor and made to dissipate such high voltage current in to the ground through the earth electrode buried in to it.

Conventional Lightning Arrestors

The traditional Air Terminals are believed to provide inverted cone of protection at 45 degree angle from the tip of these terminals. In general the theory is that higher these air terminals are mounted on the structure to be protected, larger the protection area you get at the bottom.

Figure (a) A house protected by a single lightning rod having an assumed 45angle cone of protection – that is, the height of the rod is H and the base area assumed to be safe from a lightning strike has a radius H. (b) The same house protected by a lightning rod system consisting of three smaller rods, each assumed to provide a 450 – angle cone of protection.

Standard of Compliance: IEC 62305, IS 2309.


Cikit with its R&D team is proud to present a Armour ESE type Lightning Arrestor, conceptualised, designed and developed for the market, which works on the principle of Early Streamer Emission type lightning protection system in accordance with NFC 17-102.

Armour ESE - Working Principle

The Armour range of ESE type Lightning Arrestors are made of SS 304 which provides high tensile strength to resist from corrosion and damages caused due to heat and any other chemical reactions. The Internal design has been developed in such a way that it requires no maintenance and works in all types of atmospheric condition.

The Armour ESE type lightning arrestors is an electro mechanical device and does not require any external power resource. When the downward leader approaches the structure and creates an electric field to enable free movement of charges, the internal design of Armour range of ESE type Lightning Arrestor helps to increase the quantity of emitted charges, once the Armour Arrestor gets fully charged, a very powerful upward streamer with high charge density and of longer length is then released from the tip of the Armour LPR which couples with the downward coming streamer from lightning at a very high distance from the structure to be protected. Hence as the length of the upward streamer is longer, the area protected by Armour LPR rod is also larger.


MODEL Armour 60 Armour 40 Armour 25
Δt 60 µs 45 µs 25 µs
LEVEL 1 79M 63M 42M
LEVEL 2 87 M 71M 49M
LEVEL 3 97M 81M 57M
LEVEL 4 107M 89M 65M


This is a part of the lightning protection system which registers the lightning impulse strikes captured. This works on the principle of electro magnetic induction caused by the lightning current. ADLEC is a digital meter and can register a maximum strike count of 9999. ADLEC is very light weight and very easy to install. ADLEC can be used with both Conventional and ESE type lightning protection systems. The enclosure protecting the lightning event counter is of IP65 grade and is UV resistant and does not require a external power source.

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