How Does a Lightning Arrester Work?

Lightning Arresters are installed near vital appliances like a generator. When lightning strikes, the arrester is activated. It then catches the lightning and diverts it towards the earth’s surface. The arrester does not stop electricity. It merely redirects and disperses it to a location (the Earth) where it becomes harmless.

Do I need a lightning rod on my house?

The chances of lightning striking a home are meager. Even then house fires caused by lightning can be diverted using lightning rods. For this reason, installing lightning rods, earth connection, and ground rods, are considered good investments. It is why all tall buildings and high rises have lightning rods connected to them.

What is earthing and why it is done?

Earthing is the connection of an electrical system to the surface of the earth. It is done at the beginning of the connection to ensure that electrical energy is discharged harmlessly. It provides safety from shocks and removes excess voltage in case of faults, thereby it prevents insulation breakdowns.

What is the use of electrical earthing?

When any building or area has any kind of electrical installation done it is vital to do earthing. An electrical earthing prevents shocks from occurring while work is being done. The Earthing provides a direct path for the faulty current to the earth. It also switches off the current to the circuit.

Why earthing is necessary?

When excess or faulty current flows, it is earthing that allows it to move from the circuit to the surface of the earth, rendering it harmless. If there were no earthing, the voltage would give a severe shock to all un-insulated parts of a tool, gadget or machine.

Is electrical earthing important for a residential house?

Yes, electrical earthing is essential for a residential house because it protects it from thunder and lightning. It saves the lives of humans from dangers of electric shock. It can protect all the appliances and machinery inside the home in case of a faulty current or excess voltage.

What are manufacturing standards?

Manufacturing standards are a list of rules and guides given in a document called Standard for the Installation of Lightning Protection Systems.

Why is it important that Lightning arrestors and electrodes should maintain standards?

It is vital for arresters and electrodes to comply with manufacturing standards because only then will they be able to provide an adequate lightning protection system that works every single time.